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Welcome to Seasons of Growth LLC, a collaborative effort by dedicated therapists who belie

Virtual and In- person Mental Health Counseling, Virginia Only

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Meet our team of dedicated therapists in our quick introductions:

Finding the perfect therapist is like discovering a hidden gem—you need someone you can open up to. In a world abundant with options, it's crucial to embark on this transformative journey with the right person.


Katie Boggs,
MA in Art Therapy & Counseling, ATR-P


Did someone say art? I'm Katie and I help clients explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through the creative process. I believe that art has the power to heal and transform, and I'm dedicated to helping clients harness that power to achieve greater emotional wellbeing. Not ready for the paintbrush? Don't worry, I also offer talk therapy for clients who need time to warm up to their creative side. In talk therapy, I offer an easy-going and supportive approach, serving as your ally in navigating life's challenges.

Hi, I'm Helen. I wholeheartedly believe in the importance of creating a trusting and compassionate therapeutic alliance. In sessions, my clients experience a judgment-free zone where they can freely express thoughts, emotions, and concerns without fear of being misunderstood or criticized. I have strong therapeutic tools for clients whose experience includes difficult family circumstances and/or relationship stressors. Let's get your sense of peace and freedom back once and for all.


Helen Yang, MSW


Leona Bates, LCSW

Hey there, I'm Leona. If setting boundaries, developing effective communication/confrontation skills, and cultivating compassion for ourselves was easy- then I'd be out of a job. The truth is that navigating life can be hard. Add symptoms of mental health issues to the picture and it can feel impossible. True healing comes from a deeper understanding of the cultural, societal, and personal factors that impact a person's life. I'm collaborative with my clients, we're working together to manage all of the symptoms and stress in your life.

Hello, I'm Melayna. I believe that when we challenge the societal narratives that prescribe what we "should" desire and pursue, our personal truth is revealed to us and a new path opens. When life feels heavy and stuck, or full of angst and dread, it's difficult to know where to begin. I have a knack for intuiting and helping people connect with who they are, what they want and need, and what is holding them back. Within a safe and accepting environment, we'll create movement in the symptoms causing you discomfort and explore how you can build resilience and influence change in your daily life. 

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Melayna Schiff, PhD, MSW


Danielle Myrick,  MSW

​Hello, I'm Danielle. I create a therapeutic space where compassion meets understanding. I am committed in establishing a deep connection built on empathy, non-judgment, and understanding. I actively listen to your concerns, and understand the complexities of your emotions and the challenges they present in your life.  Loneliness, stress, trauma, and other emotional disruptions can significantly impact one's mental well-being. I engage in practices such as meditation, reading, and yoga to embody mindfulness. These rituals not only contribute to my personal well-being but also inform my therapeutic approach.

​Hi there, I'm Kristen, I believe clients find improvement in their symptoms by fundamentally understanding who they are, what they want, and how to get it. I realize that seems simple, yet each of us have past experiences and present difficulties that can make it difficult to find the clarity we're looking for. I bring a therapeutic experience that's a mix of finding that clarity and bringing in self-compassion to our story.

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Kristen Leigh (née Brown), LCSW


​Hello, I'm Susan, I specialize in supporting adults and teenagers facing trauma, mood disorders like depression and anxiety, as well as various co-occurring conditions, including Eating Disorders and Family-Based therapy. Using tailored interventions such as CBT, EMDR, Mindfulness, and DBT skills, I aim to provide effective treatment and support. Together, we'll embark on an exploration process to foster awareness and implement small changes for richer lives and relationships, aiming for stability and self-fulfillment.

Susan Ross, LCSW


Choosing a therapist is not just about qualifications—it's about resonance. We encourage you to trust your intuition, to seek a therapist whose presence feels like a warm embrace, a safe haven where you can be your authentic self. In this sacred space, vulnerability becomes strength, and healing becomes possible.

We understand the importance of finding a balance between providing exceptional care and addressing financial realities.

Our self-pay rate is $150 per session, and we offer sliding scales to existing clients for temporary hardship

We partnered with the following insurances to improve accessibility to therapy:

  • Carefirst

  • Anthem

  • Bluecross and Blueshield (federal also)

  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare / Optum / GEHA

  • Tricare

We know some clients prefer in person, while others enjoy the flexibility of virtual sessions. 

To accommodate both needs, we have a mix of hybrid and virtual sessions available. 

Currently, Katie, Melayna, and Danielle hold in-person sessions at our Alexandria office. The other therapists in our group are offering virtual appointments only.

Click here to read the therapist's longer bios, or if you're ready to jump in and try a session, read our important info & check out scheduling options below:

Important Information before you book in with your therapist.

We have more information in our FAQ section, but we want to highlight a few things before you book in for your first session...

  • We offer weekly therapy sessions to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your investment in the process. Our goal is to guide you through a journey with a beginning, middle, and end. While the length of therapy is tailored to your needs, we find that weekly sessions typically yield the best outcomes. Your therapist will collaborate with you to determine the most suitable duration, whether it's as short as 4 sessions or extends over years. We welcome you back for additional journeys as needed. Bi-weekly therapist is offered on a temporary basis for existing clients.

  • When scheduling online, select a recurring time slot that suits your schedule. Once your therapist confirms the request, they will establish your appointments as recurring. This ensures your chosen time slot is reserved for you each week.

  • New clients are required to complete all paperwork and intake documents within 24 hours before the scheduled session. Failure to submit complete documents may lead to the cancellation of your session. Late cancellations and no-shows are subject to a $100 fee.

How to Book a Session


By e-mail. Best way to book if you don't see an available time that works for you- or if you aren't sure which therapist to choose

Click Here to e-mail us for Scheduling


Book Online. Use this link if you are ready to book a session directly into the therapist's schedule

Click Here for online booking

*The availability of therapists is accurately reflected in our online booking system. If your preferred therapist is fully booked, please email us. We can recommend another therapist from our team for you to consider.


Use the form below to send an e-mail directly from our website to the front desk. This is a great way to reach out if you have questions about billing before you book

 Any other questions you might have before scheduling, contact us us using this form or at: We try to respond within 48 hours to all enquires.

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